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Sincere & Devious - Ilk Perfume

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

In contrasts we trust

Two fragrance worlds that could not be more different in their composition, but through harmonious linking of the notes create a melange of pure balance together.

Sincere, in its structure warm, grounding, sweetish. An extrait de parfum that awakens the feeling of calm and euphoria at the same time. Wrapped in the soothing aroma of milk. Creamy accents meet floral turbulence.

The opening is peach nectar, spicy ginger blossom and warm milk.Bergamot, bitter almond as well as amaretto are featured in Devious.

Followed by ylang-ylang, ambrette and powdery iris in the heart, as well as Cherry liqueur, Chambord, cyanide and nutmeg in Devious.

The base notes were composed of oriental saffron, amber and coconut musk. Spicy cardamom, bitter tonka bean, vanilla and soft sandalwood in Devious.

Devious encounters us with citrusy, warm depth at the same time. An interplay of mysterious darkness, as well as tangy cheekiness. Layered with its lighter partner Sincere, it creates a reflection the many faceted character of its wearer. A statement fragrance, muted by the unmistakable tranquility of its counterpart. Opposites attract. Ilk perfume proves this with its undeniably attractive creation of extraits. Applied alone, each fragrance conveys the more dominant traits of its DNA. Paired, the result is an olfactory intangible sillage that beguilingly caresses the senses. An almost magnetic attraction that casts its spell on both masculine and feminine skin. A match made in heaven.


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