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Nasomatto - Pardon

Dark excellence

A masterpiece created by Allesandro Gualtieri, the nose behind this extrait de parfum. Gualtieri creates with "Pardon" a fragrance whose playful floral notes dance around the core of the oud. A statement perfume, characterized by darkness, bitter accents and warmth. Nasomatto follows the DNA of its predecessors, crafting a deep, mysterious extract that lasts exceptionally long on the skin of the wearer.

The floral opening of magnolia and flowers provide a gentle entree

Followed by sweet notes of dark chocolate, tonka bean and cinnamon in the heart

The base is composed of balsamic agarwood and sandalwood

Bold, loud, passionate. A surprisingly harmonious meeting of masculine and feminine energy. Like a sensual dance, it caresses the body in a gentle yet captivating way. Seductive in its essence, almost vulgar. A sillage of incredible attraction and even magical charisma. Pardon - the name so cleverly chosen, suits the appearance of this niche fragrance and delights with its charming vein. A fragrance that knows exactly what it has to offer and does not give itself below its value. The artistic realization of a charmer.


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