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Golden Sawdust - FUMparFUM

Woody Paradise

Freshly sawn wood in the heart of the mountains, a tingling experience for the senses. Close to nature, yet elegant. Golden Sawdust is one of the six extraits from the "Black Alchemist Capsule Collection" of the Lithuanian fragrance house FumparFum. The warm DNA of this fragrance takes its cue from the other players in the collection. Sparkling, original, different. An extrait de parfum of an extraordinary kind.

The notes of this niche fragrance were composed of a harmonious melange of cedar, amber and incense. Paired with a twist of benzoin labdanum and a woody, rich base of oud, allspice as well as the floral touch of immortelle.

Aistis Mickevičius, the nose behind this fragrance manages to create a feeling of ease and timelessness with this perfume. A new and modern interpretation of the woody atmosphere of a sawmill. So familiar and yet something completely different. Golden Sawdust enchants us with its serene, iridescent aura, drawing with it a sillage of pure beauty. Like a golden veil, it envelops the skin of its wearer. Besides the minimalist flacon, the playful makeup of the name also catches the eye. A piece of art, in line with the experimental character of its talented creator.


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