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French Flower - Matiere Premiere

Aktualisiert: 12. März

Elégance blanche

"The scent of a tuberose field at night", was the inspiration behind the latest perfume creation from the French fragrance house Matiere Premiere. Aurélien Guichard, the nose behind this masterpiece combines the gentle aroma of tuberose, paired with the profound sweetness of orange blossom. Crafting a harmonious bouquet of floral opulence with sparkling accents of pear.

The opening contains spicy Nigerian ginger and tantalizing pear.

Followed by the luscious sweetness of tuberose and orange blossom, leading into a beautiful unfolding of Chinese tea in the heart.

The base note is composed of clean ambroxan nuances to follow the concept of purity. 

„French Flower“, evokes the essence of a sunny afternoon in the Mediterranean climate, the weightless feeling of a walk through the fields in a white linen dress. Gentle, tender and seductive. Making it a truly memorable eau de parfum. Guichard ingeniously composes a fragrance that embraces the contours of its wearer like a silken veil. Accentuating the female allure. The petals of tuberose used for creating „French Flower“ are sourced from the organically grown tuberose fields of Matiere Premiere, emphasizing its innate connection to nature. 

A bottled up, romantic, late summer dream.


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