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Radical rose - Matiere Premiere

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The queen of flowers

Hand-picked roses from the organic own cultivation in the French region of Grasse, provide the distinctive aroma of this niche fragrance. Just for the production of one gram of the high-quality Rose Centifolia Absolue (one of the oldest rose species) 500 roses are needed. This care and love for the natural process of fragrance production is clearly reflected in the quality of the perfume.

The notes are composed of the highest concentration of Rose Centifolia Absolue, aromatic saffron and Jamaican Peppercorn Essence. Followed by Indonesian patchouli essence and Labdanum Absolute Andalusia.

No other floral fragrance manages to create such a harmonious balance between feminine and masculine. Multi-layered, edgy, controversial. The gentle aroma of flowers flatters the spicy sharp facets of this eau de parfum. Its rich yellow hue is based entirely on natural ingredients and can transform over time. Matiere Premiere manages to compose a mystical sillage with this perfume, giving its wearer a deep, mysterious olfactory experience. Perfection in a bottle.


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