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Need_U - Laboratorio Olfattivo

Sensual nothing

A declaration of love to the harmonious pairing of skin and fragrance. Laboratorio Olfattivo creates with Need_U an eau de parfum that tells a story of longing and meeting . A subtle dance of fiery pepper and citrus accents, embraced by the gentle aura of white flowers. Like the soft breeze of a spring morning, it euphorically shakes the senses and awakens the spirit.

In the beginning one can detect sassy lemon and pink pepper

Followed by white flower, hedione and salty maritim notes in the heart

The base note is composed of ambroxan, sandalwood and white musk

A grounding, extremely attractive eau de parfum. Which paints a piece of art on the skin of its wearer, with its unique blend of fragrance notes.

Mysterious - yet somehow familiar.

A fragrance of perfection and arrival. Personal. Its magical vein expresses itself differently on each gender. A multi-faceted fragrance experience that exudes pure sensuality and depth. Need_U, needs you.


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