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Midnight on Maxstreet - Philly&Phill

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

A mystery to be discovered

Midnight on Maxstreet opens the doors into the unknown and mysterious. From the first moment, it seems powerful and energetic. However, it is characterized by a fundamental delicacy that can be traced back to no other fragrance than the rose. A fragrance that describes dazzling nights of euphoria with just the right touch of sex appeal. The smoky component of oud, gives this eau de parfum its rebellious facet.

The top note is composed of fruity orange and berry fruits as well as spicy nutmeg

Followed by the queen of the floral world, the rose Paired with rich plum and aromatic cinnamon

For the base, notes of luxurious oud and warm vanilla were used

Philly&Phill creates with this niche fragrance a tribute to the excitement, to the tingling feeling of summer nights. A touch of oriental wind completes this magical elixir and contributes to its sweet perfection. Chic, elegant and yet a bit naughty. A surprising unisex fragrance that works its magic on the skin of its wearer, especially on female skin. A hypnotizing composition.


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