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Havana rain - Jacques Zolty

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The flavor of cuban life

When the cold rain hits the streets warmed by the hot sun. An unmistakable fragrance, characterized by freedom and joy evolves. Havana rain captures exactly this play of nature in a harmoniously crafted eau de parfum.

A melange of smoky, earthy notes that meet sweet, tangy facets.

Birch as well as birch tar in combination with fruity notes make the entrance.

In the heart, juniper berry, jasmine, pink pepper and cumin unfold.

The base is rounded off with amber, labdanum and white musk

A niche fragrance that takes us to carefree times, full of happiness and perfection. It is distinctive, but underlined with soft traits of cistus and jasmine. Spice and aroma are dominant and provide a playful twist. A unisex fragrance that celebrates and represents the lifestyle of the Latin American capital to the fullest.


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