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Hamaca/Wandervogel - 27_87

Tropical spirit meets wild greens


Characterized by tropical coconut and a sweet vanilla, tonka-melange opens up "Hamaca" (Spanish for hammock) the door to the long-awaited beach vacation. As one can already guess by the name, this fragrance stands for summery lightness. Pure mineral-warm summer vibes, with a salty twist.

In the top notes are marine notes (Hamaca/Wandervogel), as well as mint, and shiso leaves in Wandervogel

In the heart sandalwood and coconut (Hamaca) evolve, as well as anise, fennel and white flowers in Wandervogel

The base is characterized by tonka bean and vanilla (Hamaca), as well as musk and sand notes in Wandervogel

Wandering Bird:

The herbaceous, green counterpart to the First Fragrance. Fresh mint meets a fresh marine accord. Like a free bird in the air, inspired by the impressions of its botanical environment, "Wandervogel" develops in full saturation on the skin of its wearer. An eau de parfum, with a wild DNA, which encourages to explore nature.


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