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Falcon Leather - Matiere Premiere

Boozy excellence

It's no secret that the French perfume house Matiere Premiere is becoming a low-key favorite within the perfume scene. Falcon Leather, last year's woody release, encounters us with its charming, deep aura. A spicy, tart interplay with creamy undertones and a dry finish. Rich, deep, mysterious. A boozy eau de parfum with leathery accents and warm body.

The opening is saffron with Labdanum from Andalusia

Followed by the smoky note from birch tar

In the base, benzoin resin from Laos and agarwood (oud) intertwine

Falcon Leather, sends the olfactory senses into a trance of leathery presence. Absorbed by the sweet, almost chocolaty veil of benzoin, gently embraced by vanilla. Aurelien Guichard, the nose behind this niche fragrance creates an intense olfactory experience, of outstanding longevity.

Quality meets an exceptional composition, inspired by the solid exterior of a falconer's glove. A fragrance of captivating aura. Particularly compatible to layer with a vanilla fragrance.


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