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Contradictions In ILK

A bold, expressive and personal fragrance experience

Ilk perfume's corporate ethos is to inspire people to use their perfume in a way that allows them to experience important moments more intensely, as well as to capture emotions and tell stories that engage all of our senses.

The word "Ilk" comes from ancient Scottish and has taken on different meanings over the centuries. For Annabella and Holly, the founders of ilk perfume, it stands for "the essence of who you are." Contradictions in ILK thus refers to the contradictions that are within us.

Annabella Fasano-Leslie

Annabella developed the concept of Ilk during her time as a psychology student, after having extensively researched human nature, memory and identity. She has always had a penchant for telling stories through scents, bringing moments to life as she imagines them.

Annabella worked for 8 years in the advertising industry together with leading "creative agenicies". Her work consisted of helping renowned global brands define themselves and stand out from the crowd. It was only a matter of time before she took the plunge herself and realized her dream with her own fragrance line. The fact that she found a perfect partner in Holly to support her in this endeavor was finally the icing on the cake.

Holly Hutchinson

Contradictions in ILK is Holly's 5th perfume brand, including her own brand Memoize London. Holly has 10 years of behind-the-scenes experience in perfume production and design, as well as a keen sense of the customer experience.

When Annabella approached her with Ilk, it didn't take much convincing, as Holly's experience allows her to recognize good ideas and concepts immediately.

Layering Guide ~"Be the artist of your own scent story"

In addition to the individual fragrances, ilk offers a contradictory counterpart for each one of them, which is meant to emphasize and reflect the wearer's particular and different character traits. The fragrances are designed to be adapted according to the atmosphere, environment or mood.

If you want to know which fragrance goes with which and how layering affects the fragrance progression, you can find this information on ilk perfume's homepage under the "Guide To Layering" section.

There are also exciting blog entries such as everything about the note of almond and how it is the perfect "connecting" note between Devious and Sincere (which we have reviewed on our site).

Our planet our responsibility

Ilk acts to the best of their knowledge and conscience, in the production of their perfumes.

They believe that in their own way they can help create a more sustainable future.

All perfumes are PETA certified and free from animal cruelty. Almost all packaging and components are either recyclable and/or recycled. In addition, to limit the impact on the environment, production only takes place in the UK within an 80-mile radius.

(Image rights: © Contradictions in ILK)


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