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TOBBA Parfums


Tobba Parfums is an independent perfume house established in Hong Kong, 2018.

The founder Jasper-Li Hon Ling views perfume as a work of art and a way of expression.

Starting his journey by transforming abstract ideas into symbols and compositions in his paintings, Jasper Li quickly realized that art is not bounded by one dimension and this lead him to experiment with different mediums. Scent being one of them, turns out to be the perfect canvas for him.

Jasper’s paintings are mostly defined by the juxtaposition between the figurative and the abstract which vividly portrays his imagination. Similar motifs can be found in Tobba’s fragrances, seeing the contrast between natural ingredients and their synthetic counterparts that allows one to come up with one’s very own interpretation of the concoction.

Fascinated by the Middle-East culture, Li emphasises the use of oriental elements which sets the foundation of Tobba. Using a range of precious naturals and advanced synthetics, Tobba conveys an abstract yet figurative approach to unique, modernised classics.

Jasper Li translates the visual into the olfactory, utilising a wide variety of ingredients to build layers, add depth and create textures while evoking heart-warming memories that form the foundation of the audience’s interpretation.

The perfumes are all "eau de parfum" with fragrance concentration at 15% to 25% which is carefully tested to best showcase each perfume’s aesthetic.

(Image Rights: © TOBBA)


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