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Art de Parfum

French Sophistication

Art de Parfum is a niche fragrance house founded in London in 2015 by Ruta Degutyte. The Lithuanian founder first conquered the business world before realizing her dream in perfumery. Fluent in five languages and armed with an MBA in international business, she traveled the world for 15 years as a business consultant. Until finally, in 2012, during an assignment in Sidney, she took the plunge and realized her vision.

The fragrances of Art de Parfum are intended in the sense of French sophistication: Embody elegance, refinement and determination. They serve as an elixir of life for our soul. Special attention is paid to the raw materials. For these, founder Ruta Degutyte has traveled the world to present the customer the best possible product. You can discover our two favorite Scents Le Joker and Signature Wild here in the Reviews section!

Art de Parfum is a company that puts ethics at the center of its own actions. It completely renounces animal testing and animal products. In addition, a great emphasis is placed on sustainably produced packaging. When the customer has used up the perfume, his/her box and bottle are degraded naturally and thus leave no harmful traces in the environment.

"I believe that everyone has the right to a little piece of "luxury," whether it's a bottle of perfume, a silk scarf, or an extraordinary painting. But I also believe in luxury at a reasonable price, and I don't believe that animal cruelty should be part of that price. Our fragrances are like an exquisite golden bowl in a museum. - Without ostentation or detail, it still manages to be the most beautiful object in the room."

Love and personal commitment can also be applied to the presentation of perfumes. Every aspect of the brand is carefully thought out. To stand out from the vast competition, it is ensured that one stands out through purpose, branding, tone of voice and quality.

(Image rights: © Art de Parfum)


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