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Poetry meets Bauhaus

Atl. OBLIQUE is a niche fragrance house founded in 2016 in Berlin by designer Mario Lombardo. In addition to the eau de parfums elaborated to the smallest detail, the label also offers handmade scented candles. The fragrances of the house invite us on an emotional journey and intend to truly experience the moment in the here and now. Composed in the French cities of Grasse and Paris and handmade in Germany, the fragrances follow the highest content and design standards in the spirit of the Bauhaus philosophy (synthesis of art and craftsmanship).

With the intention of capturing his life's journey and childhood memories in olfactory chords, Argentine-born designer Mario Lombardo founded the fragrance house Atelier Oblique in 2016. The name OBLIQUE derives from the French term for "italic," which is a slanted font, building bridges between the fragrance house and Lombardo's design roots.

His first collection also dealt with this typography by creating a world of scents for each letter of the alphabet with the help of scented candles. In 2018, the portfolio was finally joined by the first eau de parfums, which particularly stand out with striking names like "Bohemian Woods" and "Marble Sea." The latest releases include the mysterious "Beton Brut" and the magical "Voodoo Flowers", which you can also discover here on our blog.

As one of the most renowned German designers of our time, Mario Lombardo has been shaping the national and international design scene for many years. His work is considered groundbreaking, testifies to social relevance and has been honored by numerous awards as well as a monograph. Lombardo has always playfully transcended stylistic boundaries. He dares the balancing act between different, seemingly incompatible disciplines and creates new contexts in language, space, aesthetics and material.

(Image rights: © Atl. OBLIQUE)


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