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Bohemian Woods - Atl. OBLIQUE

Smokey rituals

Spiritual, deep, comforting. Bohemian Woods Atl. OBLIQUE combines balsamic tranquility with fiery depth. Made in Germany, composed in France, with a special focus on sustainability and quality. For every perfume sold, Atl. OBLIQUE plants a tree. Cruelty free, vegan, clean. Bohemian Woods, a niche fragrance with boozy character and impressive traits.

In the opening we find a melange of dry woods from South African freesia, paired with the temperament of Spanish red pepper, dipped in the bitter nuance of absinthe. Rounded off by the soothing warmth from elemi-gum

In the heart, the spiciness of saffron unfolds, grounding accents of patchouli underline and highlight the powdery beauty of iris, while incense provides tart, almost masculine aspects

Enhanced by dry woods, animalic leather notes and gentle influences of vanilla and musk in the base notes

A niche fragrance that radiates an extremely harmonious aura full of of depth. Warm, familiar facets that evoke a sense of arrival and connection with nature and oneself. Atl. OBLIQUE composes with Bohemian Woods a perfume that, like all fragrances from the collection, is unisex and adapts to the features and characteristics of the sex. Especially suitable for layering with a sweeter fragrance for more feminine accents.


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