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Blackened Santal - Raaw by Trice

Purity in a bottle

If you value fragrances that are free of artificial chemicals and animal testing, then RAAW is the right choice for you. Blackened Santal is an eau de parfum of the category "Clean Beauty" and formulated only with organic alcohol from cane sugar and high-quality natural oils. So not only the environment, but also your skin benefits.

The fragrance notes of this unisex perfume are based on a melange of sandalwood, and cedar wood. Paired with spicy cardamom and the sweetness of vanilla. Rounded off with floral notes of iris and violet.

A gentle everyday companion, which unfolds its full features especially on warm days. Mysterious, soft, subtle. It blends in full harmony with the skin, free of parabens, sulfates and silicones.


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