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Bal d'afrique - Byredo

Lost in the heat

Bal d'afrique flatters the senses with its exceedingly exotic appearance. This niche fragrance introduced by Byredo envelops the body with a warm, dynamic, almost pulsating scent.

Like a loud dance, it attracts attention to him or her and draws you under its magical spell.

Top notes include bergamot, lemon, neroli, marigold (hour flower) and buchu.

In the heart, the floral notes unfold with violet, jasmine and cyclamen.

The base is characterized by amber, soft musk, vetiver and cedar.

Unadulterated, Bal d'afrique brings us closer to the colorful, diverse culture of the African continent. It combines the energetic with the gentle, creating a unique fragrance experience.

Applied, it melts into one with the warmth of the skin. Sprayed into the hair, every movement revives this perfume. A soft and at the same time exciting luxury fragrance.


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