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Amarum - Vapor Mundum x soul of scents

The plot twist

The first fragrance from Vapor Mundum in collaboration with soul of scents. Inspired by the characters behind s.o.s., a niche fragrance is created that takes the feminine as well as masculine traits of the founders and interprets them in a modern way. Joschka Klee, the nose behind this eau de parfum composes an extremely attractive, seductive unisex fragrance with a rather masculine tendency. Its fruity, playful nature meets us directly in the opening and surprises us again and again in the course of the wear duration.

Top notes include Szechuan pepper, citrus accents of bergamot and the sweetness of apple

In the heart unfold earthy patchouli, lavender, as well as maritime notes and geranium

The base is composed of Cetalox, musk and amber

A fragrance that captures the complexity of the founding characters in a flacon. Feminine accents, characterized by the dominant female energy, as well as masculine, animalic facets in the dry down. This niche fragrance stands out with its seductive, almost absorbing aura . A fragrance of transformation. Energetic, impulsive, sexy. A tribute to the dynamic of soul of scents. Following the motto: "what does your soul smell like?".


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