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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Perfumes with a sunshine state of mind

Beauty expert Dennis K. Werner founded the fragrance studio D:SOL MMXVI in 2016 based on an idea that came to him on his life's journey between Mallorca and Berlin.

Today, D:SOL MMXVI is a European brand that stands for unlimited luxury. With D:SOL MMXVI, Dennis K. Werner creates exclusive, artful fragrances and accessories that exude and capture the magic of the sun and begin to inspire throughout Europe.

It's a strange combination of places, but one that, according to Dennis K. Werner, holds the key to something memorable for that very reason. While Berlin is a major influence on the brand's design philosophy because of its style, art and people, Dennis K. Werner describes Mallorca as the juice or memory lane under the sun.

Mallorca is meant to be associated less with the destination and more with the memories, daydreams, imaginary landscapes and good feelings under the sun."

Perfumes with a sunshine state of mind, the motto. The sun or "Sol" (Spanish for sun) is the source of all well-being. This simple but easily forgotten insight is to be conveyed to the wearer of the fragrances.

Branding and design

Unlike big fragrance and beauty companies, D:Sol tries to make decisions based on their own gut feelings and experiences. D:Sol believes that pure love and personal commitment, are the keys to success in marketing and brand building. Extensive market research is not considered necessary.

Love and personal commitment can also be applied to the presentation of the perfumes. Every aspect of the brand is carefully thought out. To stand out from the vast competition, it is ensured that purpose, branding, tone of voice and quality are used to set it apart.

(Image rights: © D:Sol)


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