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Shaghaf Oud - Swiss Arabian

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Sweet escpape

A niche fragrance, which is hardly matched by the price-performance ratio. Shaghaf Oud makes the impossible, possible. An exceptionally aromatic perfume with the depth of a traditional oriental oud fragrance. A floral melange of precious rose paired with the chocolaty touch of praline. An elegant blend of smoky and sweet, delicate and strong.

The opening is determined spicy saffron.

Followed by rose and oud in the heart.

The base is composed of praline, sweet vanilla and oud.

The agarwood, which is the focus of this eau de parfum, enchants its wearer and provides a seductive sillage. With an above-average performance on the skin, Shaghaf Oud continues to spread its charm into the evening hours. A true gem, covered in a luxurious golden bottle. With this niche fragrance, Swiss Arabian succeeds in cleverly utilizing and showcasing one of the most expensive ingredients. A must for every oud lover. Arabic fragrance quality with French flair.


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