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Othoniel Rosa - Diptyque

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

La rose du Louvre captured in a flacon

"The Secret Language of Flowers", combines two passions of the artist Jean-Michel Othoniel: botany and art. In his book, published by the Louvre, he studies the flowers of the museum collection whose historical significance is illustrated by paintings. Inspired by the symbolic fallen rose on the steps of Marie de' Medici's wedding ceremony, six paintings are created by Othoniel's touch. Each of these artworks depicts a rose entangled in black pearls.

Diptyque creates a fragrance based on this work, which embodies the essence of the painting in floral nuances and picks it up visually

Characterized by herbaceous, soft rose. Paired with green traits from vetiver and dry woody aspects from Akigalawood. Finished with ambrette (Musk) as well as the spice from hot pepper.

Othoniel Rosa combines sophisticated art with olfactory brilliance. A feminine eau de toilette that attracts attention with its floral sillage. From a lovely entree, emerges a sensual fragrance experience which celebrates the rose until the last moment. This fragrance delicately highlights the striking character of the painting and underlines the memorable aura of its wearer. An eau de toilette that elegantly expresses the plié between art and perfume.


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