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Vetiveryl Acetate

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

According to the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), vetiveryl acetate is the commonly used name for a complex mixture that is produced either by

a) acetylation of vetiver oil and subsequent purification or b) acetylation of alcohols ("vetiverol") from vetiver oil of different origins.

The process is based on the reaction between vetiver essential oil and a natural acylating compound with a specific enzyme that can be assisted.

The vetiver acetate obtained with this ecologically and sustainably oriented process is completely novel and 100% natural.

It results in a velvety smooth character, without the harshness or smoky notes that can be present in natural oil. Often based on Haitian vetiver oil, which many say is some of the best vetiver oil you can buy, acetate is a natural oil.

The beauty of Vetiveryl Acetate often comes out in the incorporated perfume. The otherwise dry-sweet note does not appear with a woody tone, but gives the perfume a fresh zest with excellent persistence and warmth at the same time.

Many world-renowned, highly successful fashion perfumes owe part of their success to this substance. Although the idea of using a very large proportion of this fragrance in a luxury perfume is older than most of the perfumers working in the laboratories today.


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