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Vanillin is the main component of the natural vanilla smell and is characteristic of vanilla-based fragrances and flavors. The chemically produced counterpart, is one of the most commonly used perfume ingredients and is used in all types of perfumes in mostly small doses. Vanillin is present in the form of white to cream-colored crystals that dissolve easily in most perfumes and in ethanol. As expected, the smell is sweetish, slightly creamy and has a subtle chocolate nuance. Master perfumer Jean Claude Ellena suggests that vanillin can create an effective illusion of a chocolate scent when combined with isobutylphenyl acetate, and recommends adding patchouli for a dark chocolate smell.

In addition, vanillin also has some useful fixing properties, especially for floral substances.

Due to its widespread and high usage, vanillin is chemically considered one of the purest substances used in perfumery.


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