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Stramonio - V Canto by Terenzi

Seduction in its purest shape

The Terenzi family has been associated with innovative and historic fragrances for generations. Cereria Terenzi's V Canto Collection represents love and passion as well as sin and longing. Stramonio, derived from the highly toxic stramonium, which has taken root since ancient times, is the inspiration behind this niche fragrance.

The opening is jasmine, orchid, clove and saffron

Followed by amber, sweet vanilla and musk rose

The base is composed of oakmoss, patchouli, ebony and more musk

Each drop of this fragrance is like a hypnotic elixir. It is strong and expressive, but in a velvety soft way, which can also be felt on the flacon. Like an irresistible love potion, it turns the heads of those who come close to it. The floral notes with the woody twist, give this extrait de parfum its fatal vein. An aphrodisiac, vibrant fragrance that beds and captivates its wearer in a robe of passion.


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