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Scented Candle vs. Perfume

What are the differences?

Unlike perfume, the base of a candle consists of wax and not alcohol. Also the fragrances are not mixed with alcohol, otherwise the cozy candle light evening could quickly turn into a campfire evening.

Below we present you a short Q&A regarding the most important facts and differences between fragrance in a candle and fragrance in a perfume.

What types of wax are basically used?

Soy wax and paraffin wax.

How do they differ in their scent?

Generally, it is assumed that the more fragrance oil a wax can absorb, the stronger the fragrance will be. However, this view is not always true, because it often depends on the type of wax with respect to scent release.

What is meant by scent release?

Scent release can be compared to the term "projection" in perfume, that is, how far a scent smells. In terms of scent release, paraffin wax is usually superior to soy wax. It has a lower density at the molecular level and, in contrast to soy wax, requires less heat to burn and thus release the fragrance.

Which wax therefore has a greater longevity?

Because paraffin wax requires less heat to burn due to its lower density, it also has a shorter lifespan. In principle, the soy wax lasts longer.

What is the difference between fragrance ingredients in candles and in perfume?

In general, the same fragrances/oils are used in candles as in perfumes. However, essential oils in particular often have problems in candles. In addition to a lower fragrance diffusion, especially citrus cannot handle the heat of the candle well, resulting in a pungent chemical odor.


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