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psy_cou - nomenclature

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Unleash your darkest instinct

If you like the warm scent of tonka bean, this eau de parfum from the New York fragrance house is going to be for you. Coumarin is the name of the molecule around which this perfume revolves. A spicy, deep fragrance that melts into the warmth of the wearer's skin and develops a mysterious sillage.

The notes in this molecular fragrance are composed of coumarin, woody and spicy aspects and incense

Characterized by exotic cardamom, sparkling juniper berry and aromatic coffee nuances

Rounded off by luxurious fragrance notes consisting of saffron, oud and Palo Santo

Frank Voelkl, the nose behind this and other nomenclature fragrances, strives for a "perfect imperfection" in the composition of this fragrance. A metaphorical illustration of the shadow and light as they are found in nature, the light with the dark. The fragrance notes here not only play an olfactory role, but also embody the spiritual meaning, of the fragrance structures composed with great care. Psy_cou thus succeeds in underlining the undiscovered, mysterious sides of its individual wearer. A scent of dark pleasure.


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