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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Peppermint is so commonly used as a flavoring agent that almost everyone is familiar with its smell and taste. In perfumery, it is usually used in trace amounts, generally only up to 1% in the formula. The main use in perfume is to give freshness and "lift".

However, at higher dosages it adds a distinctive note to the perfume and at even lower amounts there remains a delicate sweet, balsamic quality that is difficult to replicate.

You'll often find peppermint oil in lavender scents (provides lift and freshness), fougeres, geranium bases, etc.

@joschka.klee from the soul of scents team shares with you the following fragrance formula in keeping up with today's theme. This was created a few years ago with the intention of creating a fresh scent that has similarities to After Eight Chocolate.

Ambermax 10% in alc. - 18

Ambrettolide - 3

Timbersilk - 3

Sylvamber - 3

Macrolide Supra 25% in DPG - 2

Vertenex - 2

Ebanol - 1

Bergamot - 1

Peppermint oil - 2

In 2.85g alc. (approx. 140) ~ 15% fragrance concentrate

Unit of measurement: drops


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