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Nothing but Sea and Sky - Une Nuit Nomade

Bottled peace

Inspired by the idyllic village on the eastern tip of Long Island, "une nuit a Montauk" is created. Nature, dunes and salt in the air. A tribute to the untroubled, simple life. The title reveals an almost melancholic aura, influenced by Whitman's quote from his poetry collection "From Montauk Point". A simple, yet multi-faceted composition. With a pinch of nostalgia and longing.

The notes are composed of Italian bergamot in the opening, Australian sandalwood in the heart and white musk in the base

An eau de parfum for daily use, soft and subtle. This niche fragrance stands out for its naturalness and charisma. Instead of complex levels, it meets us much more direct and equally harmonious. Une nuit a Montauk paints a picture of calm, silence. Only the sound of the wind and the water. A mingling of fragrance notes acting in harmony, which provide a pleasantly light sillage with a recognizable quality. This unisex fragrance allows its wearer to dive into the world of memories. Nothing but sea and sky.A little escape.


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