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Mixed Emotions - Byredo

„It‘s okay to not be okay.“

All the emotions of the year 2020 that passed, bundled in a minimalist bottle. Mixed Emotions from the Scandinavian fragrance house Byredo embodies the turbulence of these times, with its controversial facets. Berry sweetness meets woody dryness. An eau de parfum, which shines with its imperfection.

In the top note unfold mate and black currant

Followed by violet leaves and black tea in the heart

The base note is based on birch and papyrus

Byredo composes with this niche fragrance an "Epicene" something that belongs to all sexes, and has characteristics of the opposite sex. It flatters him, as well as her, in different ways. A fragrance that is like an arrival and an escape at the same time. Moody and powerful. Dedicated to the hard times, giving them back a breath of life.


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