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Jusbox - melodies of melting notes

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Frangrances inspired by music, translating emotions from lines into the structure of an unique scent.

This is the essence of succes standing behind the extraordinary italian brand.

Jusbox Perfumes started as a business project in 2016 developed by V-Monkeys, the creative laboratory of Beauty San and was drived by Chiara and Andrea Valdo both experts in the beauty industry.

Brand concept

Music and frangrances in the first place do not seem to have a visible connection as they target different senses to communicate. Passing the objective difference Jusbox discovered an intersection between the two worlds in speaking the same language to express what is under the surface - memories and emotions. Using this boundary the brands olfactory experience is shaped by the art of music creating unique and exclusive scents.

Aiming to tell the stories of iconic musicians which have been drivers of chance and inventors of new paths in music history every scent has its own olfactive melody. Coherent along the whole brand experience perfume lovers find in Jusbox an outstanding passion for details up to the visual appearance. The packaging of a unique 78 ml capacity displays a homage to the first phonographic disc that played at 78rpm. Designed along the form of the most popular asset in music industry the cap symbolizes a vinyl record.

Identity and values made in IT

To translate the essence of each olfactive melody the brand works together with highly respected perfumers like Dominique Ropion, Antoine Lie, Julien Rasquinet, Dominique Moellhausen. Refined raw materials, IFF (International Flavors & Fragrancese) sourced and mainly natural, selected in a high concentration promise an intense and lasting journey with the exclusive scents.

Beyond the performance of the fragrances themselves Jusbox dedicates itself to design the way of doing business sustainable and social responsible by an ethical-productive philosophy. With a production based in Italy the company keeps a small production chain and is able to support local businesses. A fact which makes Jusbox Perfumes a special luxurious treat representing a contemporary tribute to music generations.

(Picture rights: © Jusbox Perfumes Beauty San S.p.A)


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