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Isobutyl Quinoline

A classic leathery ingredient that is often used in animalic fragrances, for example to replicate oud. In addition, it can also enhance the effect of oakmoss in a fragrance or generally give the fragrance a certain "lift" without, however, affecting the scent to any great extent.

The scent of Isobutyl Quinoline can be described as follows: "Woody-earthy-mossy, slightly spicy scent, somewhat reminiscent of oakmoss, cardamom (emphasizing the earthy notes) and, in extreme dilution, amber."

If Isobutyl Quinoline is not used in the right proportions, it can quickly become undesirably strong as the fragrance dries down. Thus, concentrations as low as less than 0.1 percent in the total perfume oil can contribute to the desired effect.


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