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Interior Meets Fragrance: Home Diffuser

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Hourglass Diffuser Tubereuse - Diptyque

Artistic Zeitgeist Meets Scent Stories.

The striking stylish play with lines, shape and characters, reduced and rich in contrast, through this look is the timeless design of Diptyque defined. Versatile combinable, the room accessories unfold their engaging visual presence especially in a purist-inspired setting. In the staging for Interior Meets Fragrance, we have therefore deliberately opted for a restrained but form-giving interior style. With a soft set of colors, elegant and straightforward, simple forms and expansive dimensions complement each other.

Floral, playful, powerful.

Tubereuse by Diptyque celebrates the beauty of the flower, encased in a glass container in rich red, which perfectly complements the fragrance. Multi-layered floral accords that fill the room with a warm, sweet aura.

Luxurious, elegant, classy.

As the fragrance slowly flows through the hourglass-shaped silhouette, a scent is simultaneously released that brings spring to your home. Like a freshly picked bunch of hand-selected flowers, it catchily enriches its surroundings. The Hourglass diffuser is not only an aesthetic masterpiece, but can be customized and reused with personal favorites from the Diptyque range. Sustainable, chic, unique.


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