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Interior Meets Fragrance: Scented Candles

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Opopanax - Diptyque

Gentle warmth, relaxed ambience paired with a deep, room-filling scent lend the home a distinctive touch with memorable value. Candles, with their traditional charm, can be arranged in many different ways in the living room and used as a statement as well as a stylish accent. They underline every home with their special character.

Soothing for the soul.

With its aesthetic appearance, Opopanax not only provides elegant furnishing accents, but also creates an atmosphere of peace and relaxation with its unmistakable oriental aroma.

The profound incense resin meets with woody-balsamic notes, characterized by sweet vanilla nuances. This scented candle creates an extraordinary environment that has a calming effect on both body and soul. Opopanax is therefore often used for meditation.

With this candle, Diptyque celebrates the warm, intense resin, which is similar to benzoin and myrrh. A fragrance that spreads a grounding, harmonious and purifying aura. Not only an olfactory delight, but also a visual one. The unmistakable design of the Diptyque candle adds a sophisticated touch to any room.


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