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Interior Meets Fragrance

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Bohemian woods - Atl. OBLIQUE

Smokey rituals

Spiritual, deep, comforting. Bohemian Woods by Atl. Oblique combines balsamic tranquility with fiery depth. A minimalist scented candle inspired by its unique fragrance predecessor. This candle realizes moments of complete relaxation and provides a pure, clear ambiance.

A melange of dry woods from South African freesia, paired with the temper of Spanish red pepper. Dipped in the sweetness of anise and the bitter nuance of absinthe. Rounded off by the soothing warmth of elemi gum and dark resin.

A fragrance that awakens an extremely harmonious atmosphere full of serenity and satisfaction. Spiciness of saffron meeting the playfulness of vanilla. Earthy accents of patchouli that underline and highlight the powdery beauty of iris, while incense provides rough, almost masculine aspects. The scent of arrival. Warm, familiar facets. A feeling of being in touch with nature and oneself.

A new beginning.


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