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Hoja de Cuba - Berdoues

The warmth of Cuba

The sweet scent of the tobacco fields. A smoky, aromatic melange of intense, oriental-inspired facets transports the wearer of this intoxicating fragrance to the warm expanses of the south.

Hoja de Cuba fascinates us with its passionate, hot DNA and embodies the soul of summer. Cheeky spice meets mild aspects.

The opening is spicy allspice, - and woody notes.

Characterized by greenish vetiver in the heart, mixed with Allspice from Jamaica.

In the base note unfolds the particularly aromatic Turkish tobacco.

The harmonious interplay of its fragrance composition makes this eau de parfum neither too tart, nor too sweet. Fiery accents, slightly tamed with an earthy note.

For dominant appearances with a charming twist, Hoja de Cuba flatters its wearer with subtle rum nuances and its playful elegance. A niche perfume that should not be missing this summer on particularly hot days.


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