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Geraniol is a fragrance found in many plants and herbs. For example, it is a classic component of rose and geranium.

A synthetic imitation of geraniol is often used for perfume production. Geraniol smells floral (slightly rosy), fruity, waxy, with a slight citrus note. The scent finds its way into all kinds of perfumes for all kinds of purposes. Although primarily a rose substance, geraniol is generally used as a sweet, floral component of outstanding versatility.

It usually forms a major component of most artificial ylang-ylang bases and is often included in creations with peony, frangipani, magnolia and so on.

Geraniol also often plays an important role in artificial fragrance accords. For example, it can be a component of the illusion of a raspberry fragrance.

Raspberry Accord (Jean Claude Ellena):

- Geraniol

- beta-ionones

- Frambinone

- Fructone (see our article on the fragrance note "Apple").


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