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Genetic bliss - 27_87

Deep dive into the soul

Part of the "Go Line" of the Spanish fragrance house 27_87 evolves a unique, woody molecule fragrance. True to the motto "Come as you are", Genetic bliss underlines the personal fragrance DNA of its wearer. A soothing, warm and extremely attractive aura. The kind of fragrance that makes you turn around twice.

The head notes consist out of different woody notes and molecules. A melange of Akigalawood, Georgywood®️, Sandelwood. As well as pokeweed, Moxalone®️ and Javanol.

As unique as the assembly of the genetic blueprint. The reunion of the skin's own fragrance components and dry, aromatic woods. Genetic bliss flatters, highlights. Lets us dive into a mysterious dream world. No unevenness, no edges, only a straight path. An eau de parfum that embraces the body shapelessly. A work of perfection. A particularly good layering candidate, or as a stand alone an expressive molecular fragrance.

Our layering tip: Genetic Bliss combined with something leathery and sweet vanilla to finish, or with our favorite Sónar.


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