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efflor_esce - nomenclature

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

A sparkling flower explosion

Probably no fragrance manages to capture the essence of spring, the awakening of flowers and nature as efflor_esce from the house of nomenclature. A citrusy-floral wonder that combines the most luxurious varieties of the floral world in a harmonious bouquet. The molecule Paradisone, used in this eau de parfum in combination with Hedione, creates a delightfully light and sparkling base of floral aromas.

The notes are composed of neroli and tuberose, as well as slightly bitter bergamot and bigarade (bitter orange), followed by osmanthus.

A fragrance that brings a gentle hint of jasmine in its DNA. Its citrus freshness provides an exciting twist and contributes to the harmonious balance of this niche fragrance. A melange of bitter, sweet and floral that seamlessly accompanies us through the warm summer days. Another example, for the imperfect perfection that Frank Voelkl as the nose behind this, and many other nomenclature fragrances, perfectly implemented.


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