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The fragrance of the 80s

Each decade is characterized not only by its music, but also by its fragrances. The 70s, for example, were characterized by very earthy-spicy patchouli scents. The following decade, in turn, by very fresh fragrances. In the 80s, the so-called "fresh out of the shower" fragrances gained popularity. First and foremost was the aroma chemical "Dihydromyrcenol", which was the top player in many fragrances released at that time. Large proportions of this fragrance were found in perfumes such as Drakkar Noir, Davidoff Cool Water and even Green Irish Tweed by Creed.

Olfactorily, dihydromyrcenol can be described as: fresh, citrus/lime, floral, slightly herbaceous. Even today, dihydromyrcenol is often used in perfumes as a support for other citrus ingredients.


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