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Die Kleine Theatiner Parfümerie

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Niche perfume and cosmetics in the heart of Munich

The owner Michaela Andraschko and her team offer their customers, in addition to a large selection of exclusive niche perfumes, also individual guidance in the areas of makeup & skin care.

What is your typical workday like?

"I start at 9am and work until 8:30pm. I arrive at the store in the morning, greet all my colleagues, then we discuss what to focus on that day, what goods will arrive that day, and most importantly, we plan and prepare for upcoming customer appointments in the areas of makeup, fragrance & skincare."

What is special about your offer?

"What is special about our offer is that we have greatly expanded the service especially in the skin care and make-up area. We offer individual consultations to our customers*. For example, when it comes to skin care, we don't just recommend any product that might be on discount at the moment; instead, we look very specifically at what the customer needs and, with the help of our analysis equipment, present an ideal recommendation right on the spot."

What is the decision-making process for whether a brand or its fragrances fit to the store?

"In general, it is important for us to present rather smaller companies where you can still feel the passion, as well as expertise and quality are provided. Ultimately, of course, we must also like the fragrances from the fragrance character, longevity and composition."

Have you ever thought about renting a bigger store or is it just the charm of the small store that defines it?

"I definitely don't want a bigger store. I think especially with such a small store you can act individually and respond more to the wishes of the customer. Because there are usually five or six of us in the store, we can respond very well to each customer and always offer personal advice."

What does the typical customer look like? Does he/she even exist?

"We have all kinds of customers and every customer is important to us. I especially like the fact that more and more young customers visit the store in terms of skin care. There are now countless skin care brands that often live only on a good marketing idea, but neglect ingredients, composition and effectiveness."

Behind you are now almost 15 years as the owner of the "kleine Theatiner Parfümerie". Could it be another 15 years for you?

"Yes with pleasure it could become again 15 years. My biggest motivator is the customers. To talk to the customers, to respond to the customer and above all to meet the people where they are."

What are two to three brands that you particularly like at the moment and with which brands/fragrances do you associate special feelings/memories?

"I particularly like the fragrance lines of ALTAIA, Carthusia & DE GABOR. Especially with DE GABOR you can smell out the high quality of the chosen ingredients. From Tiziana Terenzi I also like some fragrances a lot. In addition, the fragrances of ALTAIA reflect for me the journey around the world."


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