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Cloud Collection - Zarko Perfume

A fragrance as mutable as the clouds themselves.

Formless, soft and gentle, this scents adapts to its wearer individually and emphasizes his personality.

Cloud Collection by Zarko Perfume is a molecule fragrance that changes its nature depending on the weather and environment. Thus, it interprets the fragrance of the individual uniquely and every time anew.

In the top note, sea buckthorn creates an exciting entrée, fresh and slightly fruity.

Supplemented by jasmine, Cloud Collection unfolds in floral facets subtle but noticeable.

Dark woods round off the floral bouquet in depth.

Shaken, the perfume comes to life to summon a juicy storm of fragrance essences. Like clouds, the molecules unfold on the skin with varying intensity, but always equally seductive.

Almost weightless yet present, Cloud Collection settles on the skin of its wearer. This fragrance underlines the essence and character in its entirety, like the uniqueness of the body odor.


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