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Clearwood - The soft patchouli

A 'clean' smelling, natural reproduction of patchouli oil. Clearwood is made by fragrance manufacturer Firmenich, who describe it as: "Clearwood™️ is an intense and long-lasting woody note, yet at the same time light and transparent. It differs from other dark woody notes in its simplicity and cleanliness. It brings great versatility and is suitable for use in every type of product imaginable, from home care to fine fragrances."

Technically, it is a mixture of terpenes and alcohols found in patchouli oil. However, it is produced using techniques Firmenich calls "white biotechnology," which they promote as follows, "Made using white biotechnology, Clearwood®️ offers all the benefits of a modern ingredient design. It glows with light and offers the creamy warmth of amber and a dark woody character reminiscent of patchouli."


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