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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Cashmeran belongs to the polycyclic musk type, but is characterized by its pronounced spiciness, which is suitable for floral, woody and oriental accords.

The fragrance manufacturer "IFF" desribes it as follows: "Diffuse, spicy, musky scent with strong floral reinforcement. Powdery, velvety nuance. Long-lasting. Aromatic, apple, earthy, woody, red fruit, pine."

According to "IFF", Cashmeran is classified as an amber fragrance rather than primarily a musk fragrance. In fact, Cashmeran is said to have been created by an impurity of another fragrance.

High levels of about 25% cashmeran were used by Maurice Roucel in "Dans Tes Bras" (Frederic Malle, 2008) and by Alessandro Gualtieri in "Duro" (Nasomatto, 2007).

In addition to its independent use, Cashmeran plays an important role in trendy oud/agarwood accords together with the fragrance Kephalis. Cashmeran, especially with its coniferous-woody aspects and its unique floral-fruity musk tonality, combines the dark, woody side with the animalic musk side of oud.


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