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Candle Scent Layering

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Combine it for an individual fragrance experience with concept.

The layering trend in the perfume scene is already familiar. But it can be extended to your own four walls.

Today we introduce you to the "Candle layering". This technique, combines candles with each other that fill the room with different, but harmonious, aroma. To implement the scent distribution optimally, 1-2 other candles can be selected in addition to the main candle. These should be slightly different in scent (otherwise you just strengthen the first candle, which may well be a desired effect).

You place the candles either next to each other to obtain a saturated aroma distribution, or in different points of the room to create "zones". Candle combinations that harmonize well are for example: Sandalwood+Berry, Vanilla+Cinnamon, Floral+Vetiver etc.

There are no limits to creativity here.

Here you'll find two of our personal favorites, both usable as a spicy main candle or as a complementary balsamic scent component.

Spiritual, deep, comforting. Bohemian Woods by Atl. Oblique combines balsamic calm with fiery depth. A minimalist scented candle inspired by its unique fragrance predecessor.

The deep incense resin meets us with woody-balsamic notes, characterized by sweet vanilla nuances. This scented candle creates an extraordinary ambience, which has a calming effect on the body and soul. Opopanax is therefore often used for meditation.


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