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Anne Gallwé Beauty An Interview

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Niche perfume and cosmetics exclusively from Aachen

In 2005, Anne Gallwé founded her salon in the heart of Aachen. With brands such as KIEHL's, Byredo, Aqua di Parma and many more, she and her team have been successfully making the hearts of perfume and niche lovers beat faster with that certain something.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

"My day involves a lot of background, a lot of administration, but then also merchandise management and merchandising again and again. I'm a big fan of clarity, also visually for the eye. But the linchpin is the advice, which I really love. We also particularly appreciate the regular customers who come to us again and again. Today we had a customer who comes every year at Christmas and buys soaps from Santa Maria Novella as a gift. We advise very personally and, of course, pack everything with love, whether for 10 or 100 euros. I sometimes go home and don't feel like I've been working."

What distinguishes annegallwé Beauty and your advice?

"It is so that 80-85% of the products are carried only by me in Aachen. This fact distinguishes us on the one hand and is for many already a reason to come to us. In consulting, I act strongly on an energetic level, due to my various trainings in this area. This is something interpersonal and helps me to find a suitable fragrance for each personality. Many of my clients confide in me and feel they are in good hands. It's very nice to work on this level with people who love fragrances and that's why they come here."

How closely do you work with brands and perfumers?

"Closely. In the industry, I'm very well known as one of the few who only carry niche. We don't have any frequency bringers. Not at all, very deliberately. With many partners, I know the perfumers and communicate with them through all kinds of media. In the current situation, also a lot via Zoom. Soon we are also planning an Instagram Live consultation, it is very important to me to be on the pulse of the time."

A must-have fragrance for him and for her?

"In general? A must-have fragrance for him is definitely "Aqaysos" by Pierre Guillaume. When applied, it has an aquatic fresh scent and then goes from sunrise to a woody sunset. A man wearing it looks sensual and concise. For the ladies, "Blanche" by Byredo is one of my favorites. It belongs to the clean, like freshly washed category. Behind it is Ben Gorham, he conveys with it an image of white laundry still blowing in the wind and hung outside. Or likewise these molecule niche scents that envelop you but aren't really present but somehow are present."

What would be your favorite fragrance if you could only choose one?

"My all-time favorite is definitely "Molecules 234.38" by Zarko Perfumes. This niche fragrance also behaves pheromonically and changes with skin texture from person to person. But in the end, it always has the sensuality of a musk. Otherwise, I always have temporary favorites.

In the summer it was "Pacific Rock Moss" by Goldfield & Banks, also an aquatic fragrance of an Australian brand, which conveys almost such a piece of longing. I loved it and still love it. But that's a mood thing, right now it's "Hamaca" by 27_87.

Finally, what excites you most about your work?

"Indeed the power of fragrance, it's incredible what it does. Furthermore, the communication with my customers and I also love to lead a team. To my husband I always say, "Be glad I have the business, I would talk you down otherwise!" I also built and created my customer base on my own. Dealing with businesses is also part of it e.g. it's very nice to see that I get so much support. The whole package really."


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