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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

A former *captive molecule* of Givaudan, Ambermax fascinates with its powerful rich amber note underlined by woody cedar facets. The outstanding fabric substantivity makes Ambermax a key building block for textile care fragrances. But also in "fine fragrances" traces of Ambermax are often found in combination with other amber substances like Ambrofix, Amber Core, Cedramber. According to @joschka.klee from the sos team, Ambermax also harmonizes perfectly with fragrances such as Ambroxan and Cetalox. Here, however, it should be noted that you should use significantly less Ambermax in the ratio, so that it does not dominate too much.

Since Ambermax is a crystallizing fragrance, it is usually supplied in liquefied form and should not be exposed to low temperatures.

*Company's own fragrance, which is not freely available to protect against imitation.


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